Month: December 2018

The Pros and Cons Of Bark Collars

Dogs bark. This is the usual behavior. However, one cannot have their dog barking at anything and everything, at all times. This will be a nuisance to people around you and not everyone will be cooperative.

For those dogs that bark excessively and cannot be controlled even by the owner, a special dog collar is available. This bark collar is specially designed in such a way that the barking dog will be discouraged to do so and be more tamed and controllable as time goes by.

Are these bark collars good for your dog? Let’s find out the various good and the bad of the best dog bark collar varieties available to us:


Electronic bark collars


These pass a small level of shock to the dog when the collar picks up vibrations of the dog barking. As the collar is around their neck, the collar picks the vibrations instantly and passes a little shock that discourages the dog from barking. If they continue to bark, the shock is continued to pass until the barking stops.


Though this is a negative reinforcement and this type of treatment can discourage a dog from barking, studies show that not all dogs are controlled by this. This only means, the dogs are given a shock but are not tamed as expected. Also, if the collar’s microchip is not functioning properly and picks up signals from other dogs barking, it can malfunction and give your dog the shock.

Ultrasonic bark collars

Pro: These have a microphone that emits a high pitched noise that irritates the dogs. We humans cannot hear it as it is not within our hearing ability. However, this sound irritates the dog and discourages them from barking.


This high pitched noise may make the dogs uncomfortable and force them to behave abnormally. When a dog is ticked off and has to bark, it is already irritated and this type of a noise added to that will only make the dog more uncontrollable, sometimes posing a threat to others around as the dog may not know how to handle the irritation.…

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5 Reasons Why Being by the Sea Can Help Your Health

Aside from the delightful landscape, living close to the water has numerous advantages. It can profit your wellbeing, wash down your spirit, and provide the aggregate harmony and serenity. Staying by the waters will give a healthy and blissful life for everyone. Here are a few reasons are given on as to why staying close to water enhances and benefits your wellbeing.

  1. Natural Air

With regards to staying close to water, the right alternative is to stay near the ocean. The atmosphere near the sea is filled with negative ions that assist in absorbing oxygen, enhanced vigilance, and battle the free radicals. They additionally harmonize the amount of serotonin in the body that is related to stress and mood swings.

  1. Daylight sun’s rays

Investing time under the sun gives basic vitamin D that is useful for assisting our body to assimilate calcium and avoid osteoporosis. Though it is found in various sustenances, it’s typically difficult to obtain the perfect quantity. Yet, investing some time under the sun daily will provide a decent portion of Vitamin D.

  1. Quieting sounds

Staying close to the water will provide you with the best calming and natural voices. By tuning in to the calming voices of the waves and water hitting the shores, you tend to be relaxed and calm.

  1. Immunity boosting

It also assists in lowering the worry in life, yet it will build your immunity framework. Lessening the pressure implies that the body can possibly be lively and healthy. The natural air joined with a relaxed state of mind results in a huge boost in the immunity capacity.

  1. Blue Personality Impact

Studies have demonstrated that the mind and body will, in general, have an individual and passionate association with water, otherwise called the Blue Personality impact. It is when the soul and body are feeling relaxed and calm while close to water.

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Low Libido: Why It Happens and the Best Ways to Treat It

Low libido is known to occur in people of all ages. It is not confined to people of one gender or one age group. Lower sexual desire may happen due to various reasons. There are comprehensive information and various natural cures, to tackle lower libido, available at

  1. One of the reasons could be some kind of aversion to your partner. This is a psychological reason and may be due to problems in the relationship between the couple. This can be treated with counseling and better understanding between the partners and they need to come together to solve the issues before they come close again.
  2. There are various physiological reasons to lower sexual desire in men. Chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and thyroid issues may cause a dip in sexual desire. These can be cured using lifestyle changes and prescribed medications. Once the signs of the diseases are controlled then the sexual desire will also come back.
  3. With age, the stress on men also increases. Their life undergoes a change as the responsibilities also increase. They may lose interest in sexual pleasure when their priorities change and this may slowly become a pattern of life.
  4. Lower testosterone levels due to a weak endocrine system or weaker brain signals may also lead to lower desire levels. Another hormone prolactin or low levels of thyroxin may also change the libido in men.
  5. There are some medicines that cause lower libido as a side effect.
  6. Lack of exercise may make the muscular system lose strength, reduce the blood circulation and as a consequence people slowly lose interest in sex as well.

The important aspect of lower libido is that most men do not like to discuss this problem with anyone. They hesitate to go to a doctor as well until the problem becomes a relationship breaker. They need to understand that this is something that can happen to anyone and that too at any age. They need to be more honest and go to a counselor as soon as the problem crops up and then take suitable counseling or medication to sort out the root cause.…

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The Ultimate Guide Treatment Tips for Oily Skin and Acne

Blessed are those people who have inherited great skin. However, what about the other people who are not blessed with so great skin? Needless to say, they need to put in much effort to maintain good skin health, especially those who have oily skin or/and are troubled with acne problems. Here are some treatment tips for those people who have oily skin and are suffering from acne.

  • The essential treatment tips for people with oily skin include cleansing your face regularly, at least twice a day, or whenever you feel excess oil on your face with a mild cleanser. Post cleansing, it is recommended that you pat dry your face and apply some astringent to prevent oil build-up and frequent breakouts.
  • In addition, use mild exfoliating skin products and acne products to help clear the pores and to prevent further breakouts and blemishes. However, care should be taken not to over-exfoliate. Exfoliating twice or thrice a week should be more than enough based on how oily your skin is.
  • Another effective treatment method to get rid of acne is to go in for micro needling. However, make sure you buy some of the best aftercare products for microneedling so that you apply these on immediately after the process to protect your skin and prevent it from damage, as the skin right after the micro needling process is very sensitive and needs extra care.
  • Moreover, ensure that you do not overdo any process. For instance, do not over-cleanse or over-scrub your face thinking that you are doing your skin some good. However, this is not true and on the contrary, will only worsen the situation.
  • Further, make sure you buy the right skin products that suit your skin type. For instance, people with oily skin or suffering from acne must always buy products that are oil-free. Gel-based products are also good alternatives. Therefore, next time you buy a sunscreen lotion or a moisturizer, check if it is oil-free or gel-based.
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Tips to Lose Fat, Maintain Muscle, and Increase Athletic Performance While Dieting

Use the below tips to lose fat, maintain muscle and increase athletic performance while dieting:

Timing:  Take weight loss efforts not during peak timing.  If you fast or work out for long hours at the time of continuous sporting events there are more chances that your energy will totally deplete which will make you weak.  As a result, your performance will become poor.  Instead during slack season, you can try combining these.  Even if you get fatigued you can alter your methods slightly to suit you.  Your performance will not be affected if you try these during the slack season. Instead, you can try without losing continuity.

Schematic:  Always ensure that your efforts to lose fat, maintain muscle and increase athletic performance while dietic is schematic.  Avoid crash diets.  These might cause health issues.

Expert guidance:  Seek expert guidance for health and exercise.  A nutrition will help in guiding you maintain the right food so that you will not lose energy while you lose fat.  A gym trainer can offer enhancement help to maintain strong muscles.

Fibrous food and proteins:  Eat more of fibrous food and protein-rich food.  Add whole grains and fruits.  Eat green leafy vegetables and sprouts.  Avoid foods that contain bad cholesterol.  You might think that these may help in maintaining muscle.  But such foods will work the wrong way and affect your athletic performance.

Avoid junk:  Strictly avoid fried foods and fast foods like pizza.  Food temptations are irresistible.  But you can find healthy alternatives like eating peanut butter and adding more nuts to your diet.

Work out:  Work out regularly.  There are specific exercises that can help you lose fat and maintain muscle simultaneously.  Do those exercises without fail

Fluids:  Have more fluids.  These will help you lose fat at the same time protect the energy levels by providing the required body salts and minerals.

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