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The Pros and Cons Of Bark Collars

Dogs bark. This is the usual behavior. However, one cannot have their dog barking at anything and everything, at all times. This will be a nuisance to people around you and not everyone will be cooperative.

For those dogs that bark excessively and cannot be controlled even by the owner, a special dog collar is available. This bark collar is specially designed in such a way that the barking dog will be discouraged to do so and be more tamed and controllable as time goes by.

Are these bark collars good for your dog? Let’s find out the various good and the bad of the best dog bark collar varieties available to us:


Electronic bark collars


These pass a small level of shock to the dog when the collar picks up vibrations of the dog barking. As the collar is around their neck, the collar picks the vibrations instantly and passes a little shock that discourages the dog from barking. If they continue to bark, the shock is continued to pass until the barking stops.


Though this is a negative reinforcement and this type of treatment can discourage a dog from barking, studies show that not all dogs are controlled by this. This only means, the dogs are given a shock but are not tamed as expected. Also, if the collar’s microchip is not functioning properly and picks up signals from other dogs barking, it can malfunction and give your dog the shock.

Ultrasonic bark collars

Pro: These have a microphone that emits a high pitched noise that irritates the dogs. We humans cannot hear it as it is not within our hearing ability. However, this sound irritates the dog and discourages them from barking.


This high pitched noise may make the dogs uncomfortable and force them to behave abnormally. When a dog is ticked off and has to bark, it is already irritated and this type of a noise added to that will only make the dog more uncontrollable, sometimes posing a threat to others around as the dog may not know how to handle the irritation.…

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