Smoking AndIts Effects On The Skin 2019

Did you know the impact of smoking on your skin? Read on to find out more. Also, these are the best dry herb vaporizers to try out.

Smoker’s lines

The smoker’s lines are the vertical wrinkles that get formed around the mouth and this is caused before of smoking cigarettes over and over again.

Crows’ feet

This is a wrinkle that gets developed on the outer side of the eyes. The crows’ feet get developed with age but for smokers, this gets developed at a younger age

Premature aging

Because of smoking cigarettes, it causes premature aging of the skin. The damage to the elastin and collagen causes the premature aging and this is also because of the vascular constriction. Because the blood vessels get constricted it restricts the flow of oxygen and blood from reaching the cells of the skin and this promotes skin aging.

Sagging skin

Because of smoking sagging of the skin develops. There is skin sagging in many parts of the body. The most common areas where you can see the skin sagging are the upper arms and the breasts. This is caused because of the elasticity loss that happens because of smoking.

Skin cancer

The chances of developing skin cancer are much high if you smoke. This is the second most common cancer form and it gets formed on the lips of the smokers. The risk is high because of the lower immune system and because of the toxins in the cigarette.


This is condition of the skin which produces itchy and scaly patches that are red in color. Smoking increases the chances of this disease. The increase in risk is because of nicotine that affects the immune system and the skin inflammation which develops psoriasis. When one smokes the risk of psoriasis increases.

This are some of the common issues with smoking and it is important to know the impact of smoking on the skin.