The Ketogenic Diet: The Best Beginner’s Guide to Keto

Consuming a Ketogenic diet is a healthy way of living.  Many of us exercise fora longer duration with an aim to reduce weight.  But then we get exhausted and end up eating more fast foods which result in increased obesity.  Try the ketogenic diet along with exercise to stay healthy and strong.

The logic of consuming ketogenic diet is that it is highly effective in burning fats of the body.  In a Keto diet carbohydrates are low.  Naturally, when the body does not get carbohydrates, it burns fat to get energy for functioning.  This is the way how keto diet results in weight reduction and leading a healthy life. So, to lead a disease-free life say ‘Hello Keto diet’.

Which foods are to be consumed?

Keto diet comprises of the following foods which are good for the human body:

Healthy fats like butter, coconut, avocado.

It includes fishes like salmon while items like chicken breast which have a high rate of bad fats are to be avoided.

Leafy vegetables:  Leafy green vegetables like cabbage and vegetables which are low in carbohydrates like cucumber, zucchini etc.

Coffee and tea without sugar

Hence under the keto diet system, you avoid vegetables like potato which are rich in carbo.


Following are the benefits of consuming a keto diet:

Weight reduction:  Keto diet helps in burning of fat in the body and hence eases weight reduction.

Manage cravings easily:  Most diets increase the hunger and we reach a stage where we are not able to manage our cravings for snacks.  But keto diet uses a good deal of butter, ghee etc.  Hence the hormones which cause frequent hunger pangs stay satisfied.

Friendly:  Keto diet comprises of the regular items we consume.  It is not costly, and the preparation does not involve any complex process.  It is a practical way of dieting without difficulty.

Taste:  In the keto diet, there is no need to compromise with taste.